When your hosting service provider offers live chat support, you're able to speak to an agent live and find out useful information or get a problem resolved in a timely manner. The advantage of using chat rather than calling to talk to a live person is that you will need only a computer with world wide web access, so you will not pay any charges in case you are in another country or state. What's more, it is a lot quicker to copy and paste info for example domain names, usernames or error messages i.e. details which are sometimes hard to share with the other side on the telephone. The real-time chat is also a faster way to contact the website hosting provider's support crew compared to using a ticketing system. Last, but not least, if some problem needs a little more time to be dealt with, you're able to do something different while you wait for support on the live chat, so that you won't waste time - something that is not possible if you are on the phone.

Live Chat Support in Shared Hosting

As we believe that a great number of troubles are often resolved when you speak to a live person, we supply a live chat service for all of our prospective and existing clients. The chat is online every single day and our support agents can assist you with a number of questions and situations. In case you are not our customer yet, you can learn more about our shared hosting packages and the web hosting environment in general so as to make sure that your sites will operate efficiently on our servers. In case you already have an account and you have some questions or you experience any kind of issues with any of our solutions, you can get in touch with us through the live chat and we will provide you with the necessary info or help you troubleshoot the issue. You'll have to open a trouble ticket for some issues which need longer time or the assistance of a system administrator, still for the majority of basic issues you can receive help on the spot.